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Ceramics Limburg

    About us

    In 1978 Keramische Industrie Limburg B.V. was founded as a result of this extended history. As producer and supplier of pottery and tableware, we deliver craftsmanship in large quantities to many stores, garden centres and dealers in all of the Netherlands and Europe. We are a supplier of flower pots, vases, bowls and tableware. The collection is remarkably diverse, through which we are able to offer a suitable product line for every single purpose.

    What we stand for


    Creativity and innovation, stay innovative and creative time and time again. Although we continuously innovate our products, we create every product to be timeless, which requires a lot of creativity.


    Craftsmanship is the foundation of quality. Thanks to years of experience and our own production, we can guarantee quality. Generations of long experience and handcrafted production ensure unparalleled quality.


    Passion is caring for, giving attention and guaranteeing quality. Loving our profession, our product, our people and you as a customer, we achieve the highest level time and time again.

    Our history

    • 1978
      Keramische Industrie Limburg
      The Keramische Industrie Limburg BV was founded in 1978 by Harry Sloesen and Mia Sloesen-Ernst. Together they have established a successful ceramic production company. All this has come about through the unconditional love, warmth and persistence of our wonderful parents.
    • 1985
      The big Move
      In 1985 we moved from the center of Tegelen to the current location at the Venloseweg 9 in Tegelen. Due to the growing demand for the products, there was a need for a larger production facility.
    • 1993
      Additional Warehouse
      Of to Portugal
      In 1993 we built a new warehousing facility for externally produced goods. Unfortunately it became more and more difficult to make cast and handmade ceramics in the Netherlands, more and more products were produced in Portugal for this reason.
    • 1998
      Two sons take over
      In 1998 Sons Loek and Tony Sloesen, after years of gathering internal experience, took over the production company. Together they have passionately founded the production company until 2005. Part of the production was also transferred to Romania, which is also a country with many highly-skilled ceramists.
    • 2005
      Relocation Production
      From 2005 onwards Tony continued the company on his own and thus dawning a new era. Furthermore the mechanical production is forced to move to Romania, bringing an end to the long-term production in Limburg.
    • 2012
      Production in Portugal & The Netherlands
      Today, the production is still, almost literally, “baked in”. The entire Sloesen family still speaks about the “the factory” nowadays. The feeling of craftsmanship and production has always remained in the back of Tony’s mind. As of 2012, the Keramische Industrie BV has focused itself again on its own production and the entire production of ceramics is nowadays made in the Netherlands and Portugal, largely handmade. Tony has been increasingly focussing on traditionally produced ceramics and with over 35 years of experience he has become the specialist for ceramics.
    • 2020
      Craftsmanship & Quality
      Only craftsmanship and quality made by passion and love
      Our dream is to provide our customers high-quality, sustainable and liable ceramic products. Which we make by applying the greatest love and passion, which are unfortunately not for sale.
    • 2023
      Ceramics, Food & Wine
      Be invited. Enjoy your visit with a nice dinner in our own restaurant SOBER. Fine dining with our homemade wines from ZAVEL. Tony still takes care of the ceramics, son Joni is responsible for the food & wine. A new era for Ceramics Limburg together with Sober-Zavel.

    Our family values

    Our brands are more than just baked clay

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