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Family is our foundation

Gina Da is the name of the joint family house of the Dogon, a tribe in Mali which lives in clay made houses. This name breathes what we as a company radiate with our brand Gina Da.

    Colourful, warm and unique

    The products are incredibly colourful, warm, unique and all designed in our own family house. Gina da stands for diversity, worldly influences and the family feeling, Gina Da is for everyone. Craft made European ceramics are the foundation but also products originating from metal, glass, wood and grasses deserve a place in this collection. These ingredients together shape the collection within Gina Da.

    Mori matching colors

    A selection from the collection:

    • Hanging Pots
    • Stoneware Flower Pots
    • Earthenware Candlesticks
    • Tableware Made Out of Stoneware
    • Decorated Wall Plates
    • Glass combined with ceramics
    • Earthenware lamps
    • Metal Flower Pots
    • Sea- and Rivergrass Baskets
    • Handmade Jute Baskets
    • Plant Plates /- Wooden Stools

    The best, nothing else

    We like to keep our production in-house in order to be able to deliver only the best quality. Through direct contact with you as a customer, we are able to meet all your wishes. Together with sound advice we guide you through the wide collection of Gina Da and we ensure the highest quality possible.

    Are you curious about the ordering options?

    Our products can be ordered at various places, find out how!

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