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KIL Tailormade custom ceramics solutions

Looking for a specific pot, plate, bowl or other product of ceramic origin? Then you have come to the right place with KIL.

A Unique Customized Product

In our factories, we produce fully customized machine-made, cast and handmade ceramics to your needs. Our products are always based on earthenware and stoneware but can be complemented with glass, metal and wood. In this way, together we achieve a product that fully meets your wishes.

KIL, the Specialist in Tailor Made Ceramics

Since 1978, our family business, the Keramische Industrie Limburg B.V. is a respected and household name in the field of large-scale production of ceramics. Thanks to the combination of modern techniques and ancient craftsmanship, each of our products has a contemporary and authentic appearance. Whether it concerns machine-made or handmade ceramics, our craft is the vein in all of our products.

Machined or handmade, the craftsmanship shows

We take the time for you and together we will look for the best material, the right glaze and the perfect shape. You provide a drawing, this is the first step to turn your creative ideas into reality. If you are enthusiastic, we will develop an initial sample for you. This first sample makes your product physical and tangible. In case you want to make some further adjustments, we will make a new sample. After the final approval, we will include your product in our production. The final quantities and price we will always determine on our thorough consultation.


Are you curious about the ordering options?

Our tailer made solutions can be ordered by filling in our form, find out how!

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