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Our brands are more than just pottery.

    Gina Da

    Gina Da consists largely of a collection of artisan ceramics, handmade in the Netherlands and Portugal. Glazed, decorated and cold-painted, casted in molds or hand-turned. Either way, made with passion and fired at a minimum of 1080°C. The collection is complemented with natural handwork of baskets, wood, metal and glass from Bangladesh, Romania, India and Portugal.


    Stoneware; watertight, colourfast and incredibly sustainable. Pure European craftsmanship, fully handmade and fired on the very high of 1240°C. Versatile and extremely suitable for both in- and outdoor use, it dissipates UV and frost with ease. Ceramics in its purest form, hand-turned in our Portugese factory.

    Pots only

    Dutch expertise, produced in our own factory. Daily production ensures a constant supply of pottery with a diameter from 7 to 20 cm. Fully glazed and fired at a temperature of 1080°C. Pots Only takes simplicity to a higher level.

    KIL Tailor made

    Looking for something special, your own collection or just a special type of glaze? Everything from beautiful flower pots to the most charming tableware, practical or high-end design. The Keramische Industrie Limburg B.V. is your specialist for tailor made products since decades. We deliver a suitable solution in flexible quantities, timely delivery and custom-made collection.

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