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    I would like a login, how do I apply for one?
    You can easily request a login through our website. We will review your information and provide you with a login within 1-2 business days.

    I forgot my password, how do I request a new one?
    Call or email the office. They will provide you with a new password.

    When will I receive my order confirmation?
    Just like our production, the processing of your order is manual. As soon as our sales department has finished their cup of coffee/tea in the morning, they carefully start working on the new orders.
    You will not receive an automated message from us! We review your order and confirm it with an Excel file. In this file you will immediately receive all details and photos of your ordered products.

    Can I receive clear product photos digitally?
    Please refer to our download center. Here you can view all products and download our Cerazine(s).

    What is the average delivery time of an order?
    Normal delivery is 2-5 business days. However, if a product is not in stock but is delivered to our warehouse on short notice, we will put your order on hold to ship it as complete as possible. Once your missing products arrive, our warehouse staff will add them to your order and give them to our carrier. You will always receive an email from us when your order has left our warehouse. In it we confirm the transport and add the corresponding invoice and packing note.

    Can I have my own design produced?
    Tony is more than happy to look at the possibilities with you. With his years of experience, he can optimize the design with you and contact the factory that best suits your idea. Need more information? Take a look at this page.

    Can I pick up my order myself?
    That is possible. Once our administration has received your payment you can pick up your order in our warehouse by appointment. You can easily make an appointment with our sales department by calling or emailing us.

    Can I make an appointment in your showroom or studio?
    Absolutely, that is possible! At our trends & trade Venlo and TICA Aalsmeer we will be happy to help you.

    Prefer an appointment in Tegelen? Then regional sales agents are waiting for you.
    A visit to our atelier in Tegelen is by appointment only. You can easily make these by contacting your regular contact person or by calling our office.

    Where can I buy products from the collection as a consumer?
    We have a monthly outlet night for charity . Would you like to be informed about this? Please send an email to and they will provide you with the dates. Our webshop is B2B sales only.

    Are you still looking for new employees?
    Ceramics Limburg works in a small and close team. At the moment we have no vacancies.

    Do you work with interns?
    Yes we do! Every year we have several interns. With us you don’t just play with the paper shredder or wipe the warehouse, with us you are part of the team! We will take you into our daily operations where you can support each of us.

    Interested in an internship? Please email in time to share your details. (name/age/year of training/internship period & number of hours)